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Week-1, 5-10 March 2018. Project CESL

Just after the 3 days workshop on 1 March 2018, I went directly to my superior to report the agenda. I talked to ibu Miming as my superior that I will have a project to do (flexible room). After she communicates with Foundation, she agreed to support my project.

  1. Report my activity at CESL
  2. Talk about my project.
  3. Communicate with teachers
  4. Prepare the project.

What is my project?

we call the TAP (Transformational Action Plan). We (the 18 participants) were assigned to make a project at our school, not an ordinary project, we have to come up with a transformational project. Our lecturer Dr Vicente gave us “a pressure” on it even we know this is a place to learn.

My project is to make a creative flexible room a.k.a Teachers Garage. This room is going to be a work place that teachers are allow to come here anytime to do their job. This room also going to be a great place to find a brilliant idea. of course I have to make an indicator for the success of the project. I saw this room at google:



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I am an educator and recently I am working at Budi Luhur School teaching at Senior High School and Developing School Management. I also involving at Elementary Level as a principal.