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Teacher is the heart of the school


Training at Al-Furqon Jember

Hari ini saya berkesempatan

I am so excited that I have a chance to share my experience and giving a booster motivation to the English Teachers at Al-Furqon Jember. As a teacher we must be very busy with all the routine and teaching learning process. Teacher is not only teaching, but teacher also educate and inspire the students.

As I mention many time that “the hearth of the school is the teacher”. We surely have to update our knowledge and sharpen the saw.

As a teacher also we need to write and documented our activity, we call this as a portfolio.

I share a few things about bilingual school and how we make the atmosphere of English alive at the school. I do realize that the biggest challenge for the English teacher is to make the students talk. Giving a chance to the students to make mistakes.

Are you ready to make mistakes?


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I am an educator and recently I am working at Budi Luhur School teaching at Senior High School and Developing School Management. I also involving at Elementary Level as a principal.