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Second Session F2F – CESL Program 26 – 28 April 2018


I am coming back to UNJ for the second session Face to Face CESL (Certificate in Educational Studies in Leadership). It has been a pleasure and feel lucky that I can join this program and meet many remarkable people in it. I learnt many things from my colleagues.

In the morning we meet Mr Lim, he is the head of the HEAD foundation. We did some conversation and chat with the head and rescheduling our F2F for the third session on June. The HEAD Foundation just want to make sure that our visit to Singapore is worth a while and we can learn a lot from them. They want to make sure also that School in Singapore is ready to accept us.

In this session our mentor Dr Vicente Reyes explained about how do we have to explain about our project based on research qualitative and quantitative. He gave us many example that we can apply or analyse, what’s going on with the school.

  • Reflection-in-Action
  • Reflection-on-Action
  • Reflective Practice

These are some note that I jot down during Mr Vicente presentation:

On August : Show Case with UQ

Each of us will present our project and critical friends.

Educational Change:

Book Title: Horace’s Compromise, Theodore R Sizer

School in California:

  1. No principal (principal keep changing every month)
  2. No Grade for students (students don’t know in what lever they are)

New york:

  1. Portofolio type (combination of different things), project,
  2. Integrated sources


20% DGP

Singapore only 4% DGP


Longitudinal studies: across time.



MEASURE THE CHANGE: 3 TIMES, 3 POINTS than we should share as a progress.

A qualitative and quantitative lens.


Progress of changes. Result of Changes.

Culture or other factor. More time to measure.


Why do teachers join?

Intrinsic: because they want to be a teacher, good for community,  75%

Extrinsic: Good money, family friendly, stable, 25%


Cooperate with other school for PD: networking with other school. Fellowschool.



Input-process-output and then feedback


Procedure reward and punishment should be clear and they will make decision.


Amount of change VS Goal Consensus: identify issues.

Champion: give big impact.

Identify the people, the one who support you.

Policy entrepreneur




4 mechanisims:

  1. Contagious – Contagion effect
  2. External actor as active agents
  3. Local actor using universal agenda
  4. Group international actor



Champion: Book reference, Renald Kasali

Entrepreneur: I am

Sponsor: Owner of the school (foundation)


Collaborative project with our partner in CESL



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I am an educator and recently I am working at Budi Luhur School teaching at Senior High School and Developing School Management. I also involving at Elementary Level as a principal.