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School Ambassador: We devided into 3 ambassadors: Reading Ambassador, Language Ambassador and Adiwiyata Ambassador.

The  Adiwiyata  Program  is  a  step  to  create  a  school  that  has  commitment  to  educate  students who were care and cultured environment  (KLH,  2013).  Adiwiyata  Program  provided award  on  a  graded  from  Adiwiyata  School   at   City   /   District   level,   Province,   National  and  Mandiri.  The  Adiwiyata  Mandiri  Award   awarded   to   schools   that   have   been   awarded  as  National  Adiwiyata  Schools  and  have   at   least   10  school   impact (founding   schools) that minimum  earned  Adiwiyata    District /City (KLH, 2013). The Principles of Adiwiyata Program  placed on two basic principles: (1) Participatory: School     communities     involved     in     school     management  which  covering  the  whole  process  of   planning,   implementation   and   evaluation according  to  the  responsibilities  and  the  roles,  (2)  Sustainability:  All  activities  must  be  planned  and    continuously    comprehensive    (Barkatin,    2016).

So these 3 ambassadors will represent the school and support the school programmes. These ambassadors also will have to come out with initiative program that they need to do for one year academic. They also have to campaign reading, language and adiwiyata as an important role at school.


There are the steps to become an ambassador:

  1. Students need to write down an essay English or Indonesia (minimum 700 words) about why do they chose one of the ambassador, short program that will they do. (selected)
  2. Interviewed by Principal and Vice Principals.
  3. Campaign (with poster and video duration 1 minute) posted at personal Instagram and tag into school instagram. They will need to campaign again LIVE at instagram to win the crowd. All students are obligated to watch at instagram.
  4. E-Lection. The election will held in each class by online using Google Form.
  5. The Chosen Ambassador based on the total poin (Writing Essay, Video Campaign, Interview and Election by students).



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