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Morning Coffee_07 March 2018

After the first morning coffee on October 2017, we invited the classmoms again to report the progress for what we had on the first Morning Coffee. Asking them to sit down together to discuss about school progress from their point of view are more convenient while we drink a cup of coffee or tea. This agenda is very effective to avoid misunderstanding between school and parents. As we all know, parents usually have their own perception and expectation and we as a school (educators) also have point of view and expectation. So, these expectation and perception need to be communicated.

Who are attending this Morning Coffee? Principal, School Director and Academic Manager.

What are they talking? they talk anything about school, what happen at school, are their children happy here, and some are giving up their complaint which is alright. I think this is a perfect place to giving up and asking anything what’s on their mind.

Parents are very pleased with the progress and we can have a good relation with parents. Having good relation with parents is highly important.


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