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Teacher is the heart of the school


IPAD Training with Story-i

As we speak… disruptive is moving forward and we don’t know when and how it will hit Education in Indonesia. As an educator we need to prepare our teachers to be ready and create the future. as also mention in Alvin Toffler: Future shock, that someday the wave will hit the education. We have already seen the second wave how Gojek/ Go car beat a conventional taxi, How hotel got struck by Rb&b. How department stores are closing and people more comfortable in shopping online.

Budi Luhur is preparing for the third wave and upgrading continually teachers professional development with Apple (Story-i) as Authorized Education Reseller. We collaborate to upgrade the teachers. All of us must be relized that everything now connected to the technology.


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I am an educator and recently I am working at Budi Luhur School teaching at Senior High School and Developing School Management. I also involving at Elementary Level as a principal.