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During the pandemic outbreak many schools have faced obstacles to make the teaching learning more engage. Some schools are taking a short cut by only learning via WhatsApp (giving assignment). Some schools have lack of new students.

For the private school, this is becoming a great time to change the mindset of the teachers. Starting on March when the government closed all school for public, I directly gather all the teachers to brainstorm. Talk with the teachers and train them using the Google Meet is something a lot easier, since we don’t have any choice except learning online. Learning time was automatically decreasing. Habits are changing.

Students feel that learning online is something that they never imagine. They feel bored and less understands about the lesson. After a month, all teachers and management sit down together to find the best way learning together.

Here are what we do during the covid-19 outbreak:

  1. Collaborate with vocational school to do live streaming youtube.
  2. Maximize G-Suite For education.
  3. Link the school activity using instagram: @budiluhursma. We discuss many topic by inviting students to talk and share their experiences. We also use the instagram to broadcast the school activities: the school ambassador campaign and election, Morning chit-chat, etc.
  4. This is also opportunity for all teachers to learn making a video learning using filmora.
  5. We are still doing our Independence Flag Ceremony with a limited number of participants and broadcast live via youtube. All students are obligate to join the flag ceremony online.
  6. Efficiency in every aspect highly needs it. Since all students are doing online learning, the school are doing major changes to efficient the learning process and the use of electricity energy.

All of these solutions are done by collaborate with students, parents and teachers.


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I am an educator and recently I am working at Budi Luhur School teaching at Senior High School and Developing School Management. I also involving at Elementary Level as a principal.