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CESL #F2F – Day One 27 Feb 2018

My foto with our lecturer/ mentor/ advisor Dr. Vicente Reyes Lecturer (PhD National University of Singapore) Research interests: Politics of schooling and governance, modeling policy implementation, school reform and transformation, research methods.

The CESL is actually inviting my superior to come and witness me joining this course. The opening was done by the Rector of UNJ, the Lecturer of UQ Dr. Vicente Reyes and representative of HEAD Vincen. It was a pleasure to meet them.

I was happy as much as I am seeing my son. This learning process is actually “Sharpen The Saw”. We are too busy with our daily work, and sometimes we don’t have time to upgrade our software. in this course I will learned just like I see my son learning new things everyday.

Here’s what we done today:

  1. Introduction from everyone institute and giving their brief explanation about their background.
  2. The speaker is very qualified on this field. He has done many researches and studies. He joined many Community of Power.
  3. Being a leader is making a though decision. If you don’t want to make a though decision, just move and find other position. I like this sentence.
  4. Vicente ask us to make plan a design to be implemented and then we evaluate and re-design.
  5. Teachers burns out (never wants to learn, bored, stress).
  6. Transformational Action Plan. This is what we have done.
  7. Not everyone in this course could speak English very well. Sometimes this barrier of language can make the course less interesting. The thing that we have to point is the share what’s on our mind. Moreover I learned to be patient and accept the barriers.
  8. When we are feel uncomfortable it’s mean we learn. Being away from the comfort zone is part of the deal. This is what I have been through when I was teaching at Binus. Being stress and uncomfortable.
  9. In progress of introduction appear a discussion of “sensitive” about money.
  10. We have to be an outsider to see a problem inside your institution.
  11. Master of teach program: Singapore-to capture a teacher which is not from educational program.
  12. Educators are the true learner. They need to update and upgrade their skill.
  13. The issues of the four introduction are a huge problem.
  14. Teachers will do extra mild to improve their competencies.

Over all, everything was running well and I learned to accept differences of new friends which are broaden my view about education. I am willing to do echoing to as many teachers as possible after I finish this course.




SOS (Situation – Option – Solution)

Issue that happen



  1. Discipline among students related through family (parents).
  2. Educators are not showing role models at school. (coming late, speak a loud, irresponsible). School hand in hand.
  3. More specific: time attendance, coming to the classroom, greet the students, what should they do if their partner is absent, etc.




  1. Giving a clear SOP to the teachers.
  2. Change the staff (Cleaning Service, Security, teachers). optional
  3. Involving parents in create their SOP. optional




  1. Making small research to know what are teachers’ expectation.
  2. Implementing good character at school which provides great teachers and friendly staff. Creating SOP (Standard Operational Procedure).


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