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CESL #F2F – Day Two 28 Feb 2018

Today we learned about the transformational project which use a technology. Mr Viecente showed us some of the application which able to use in our teaching process. Here are a few noted that I jot down during the session. Again we can go to this page:

  1. (to communicate in a discussion)
  2. (to make questions and quizzes)
  3. QR code reader.
  4. Human nature: defensive.
  5. Project-out of the box
  6. Innovation Project:?? For school.
  7. Manager or leader.
  8. Leaders are born or made?
  9. Leaders: formal training, coaching, job training.
  10. The most effective one to make leader: Job training.
  11. Principal Singapore: 5 months taking away, visit 2 school, 1 visit company, make one project for the principal. Talent spot for principal.
  1. There are specific path in Singapore: Master teacher, Teacher admin, Principal administration
  2. Balance finishing the task or relation well being.
  3. Firing Games…
  4. Thumb wrestling

Again we learned alot about the mindset, hunches as a leader. All the explanations and questions are doable to our school and need to be shared in echoing session.


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