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CESL #F2F – Day Three 01 March 2018

Today, we learned to be a true leader by submitting our work to padlet and socrative. Dr. Vicente wants us to get use to technology since we will be a transformational leader.

here’s the link to our web discussion:

  1. Leader must take a decision even he/she doesn’t know what’s in front. If leaders don’t move it might crash other ship. There is no option except to move forward.
  2. Risk taking: leader in 21st century
  3. Use technology for transformation teaching.
  4. The SAMR model for technology integration.
  5. Design based
  6. Work collaborative with others school.
  7. Data about what make are teachers in school: Efficacy, Commitment, Age, Experience, Qualification
  8. To become a teacher in Singapore they need to go to MoE. Principal are spotted and train for 5 months and do visiting.

We finally finish our first leg F2F session for 3 days. We were asked to make a statement regarding this program on video.


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